Wrought Iron Machines

  We are the most professional manufacturer for wrought iron machines with custom services, best price and fastest shipping.
Our products are especially good at making door and window railings and municipal garden railings and fences.We can provide you with grinding tool customization services and machine function customization services. We can customize molds according to your materials and sizes, and we can also design machines according to your requirements for product functions. Here you can lern more about us .

  From us, you can buy a complete set of production lines for metal processing of doors, windows and fences. We provide one-stop mechanical equipment and pre-sales and after-sales services.
   We supply these machines: Blacksmith power hammer ,electric pipe twistinging machine, electric pipe bending machine, cold rolling embossing machine, electric make coil machine for metal craft, wrought iron fishtail forging machine, wrought iron hydraulic moulder, electric wrought iron twisting machine, manual wrought iron processing tools, manual scroll bender, manual twisting machine, power of iron effcient heater.
If you are looking for these wrought iron machines ,please feel free to contact us ,we will reply your inquiry within 30 minutes.

Service Options

Advantages Of Our Wrought Iron Machinery Factory

  From us, you can buy a complete set of production lines for metal processing of doors, windows and fences. We provide one-stop mechanical equipment and pre-sales and after-sales services.

Certificated Factory

Our factory has been certificated by CE RoSH , ISO9001:2015 , FCC , PSE.All products are quality guaranteed.

R&D Department

Our team consists of 30 senior engineers ,200 skilled employees ,10 quality control engineers and 20 Sales .

After-sales Service

All of our products are guaranteed for one year, All your questions will be answered within 30 minutes.

Free Design

We design molds that meet customer needs for free, and customize machine special functions for customers for free.

24h Online Service

Our sales team provide 24-hour online service ,All of your inquiry will be replied within 30 minutes for the before-sales support.

Fastest Delivery

Most of the products are in stock and can be sent out within 1-2 days. Customized machines will be produced within 15 days

FAQ for ordering machines from our wrought iron machinery factory

What kind of after-sales service do you have?

We have a professional after-sales team that will reply to your after-sales questions within half an hour. All your questions will be answered.

What kind of warranty service do we provide for our machines

All machines are guaranteed for one year, and we will provide spare parts to customers free of charge for non-human damaged parts within one year.

What services can we provide about transporting goods?

We have professional document operators who can assist customers to complete part of the export documents for customs clearance in China. We have professional freight forwarders who can arrange to order containers. The goods can be exported from Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Yiwu Port, etc. according to the needs of customers. Our goods can also be delivered at designated locations in China according to customer requirements.

What is your delivery time?

Machines in stock can be packaged and sent out within 2-3 days. Machines that need to be customized will be delivered within 15 working days

How can I customize my own moulds for my wrought iron machines?

This requires you to cooperate with our sales staff to provide the size and material name of the material you need to process. Our engineers will design the mold drawing for you free of charge according to your needs. This drawing will be sent back to you for your confirmation. Molds After production, we will test it first and then send it to you.

Can I request add more functions to the machine I wnat to order?

We can add some reasonable additional functions to the machine you need to order according to your needs, but this means that the price of the machine will become higher, and whether the functions can be added needs to follow the advice of the engineer.